Healthcare is broken

From poor food quality, to inescapable environmental toxins and a modern lifestyle that is hijacking our biology, it has never been harder to be healthy.

And it’s clear that existing institutions aren’t working.

Food and pharmaceutical companies monetize our sickness, and no one has our best interests in mind:

Why is it so hard to be healthy?

In a world with more data and tools than ever before, why does it still feel so hard to take care of our health?

Where do I start?

Who do I trust?

How do I know what’s going on inside my body?

What products and practices do I really need?

The questions
are simple.

The answers
frustratingly complex.

Health deserves a revolution


So we built

The world’s most comprehensive and convenient longevity system on the planet – a thoughtfully designed, all-in-one platform for easily improving our personal health.

We deliver the most advanced diagnostics and vetted therapeutics to those who seek a longer, healthier and more vital life.

We believe that health should not be gate-kept by doctors or health systems, and that everyone should have sovereignty over their own health.

If healthcare were built today, it would look completely different.

Personalized. Preventative. Performance enhancing.

As the world demands more of us, we must demand more for ourselves.

Our Mission

To transform the current healthcare system into one that is proactive and data-driven — this is known as medicine 3.0.

Doing so we can live better longer, catch and treat illnesses earlier than ever before, and help us feel like the best version of ourselves – every single day.

We envision a world where wellbeing is fundamental & everyone is empowered to reach their peak potential.

How we do it

We have created tools to let you peek inside your inner-workings, so you can take control of your health. Imagine understanding your health so well that you can optimize it in ways you never thought possible.

Every year begins with an advanced lab analysis where we test your entire body, directly from your home. Results are tracked across your lifetime and our medical team designs a custom health strategy that evolves with you.

We keep you up to date with the latest trends and scientific research, continually evaluating new tests, technologies, and protocols to help you reliably predict future disease at the earliest moment possible, thereby stopping and ultimately reversing its progression. Our team is constantly scanning the world to curate the best of the best.

We continuously educate, track and manage your health. Have a question? Get answers. We have protocols and plans to help you feel cared for, calm, and in control of your health — for every stage of life.

Looking Forward

In the next few decades, we believe that advances in regenerative medicine, biotechnology, and AI will converge to help us dramatically decrease the rate that our bodies age. Longevity begins now.

Longer lifespan and healthspan will have profound implications for the human race, with every additional collective year lived increasing what we can create.

We’re building Superpower to help increase the likelihood of this outcome, so that humanity may have the best possible future.