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78 organs, 20,000 biological processes, and 30 trillion cells. Explore the full spectrum of health with your Superpower Digital Twin™
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Our cornerstone is the Superpower Baseline

An annual membership with over 80 advanced lab tests, a custom action plan from our doctors, and 24/7 access to your health concierge.
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Step 1

Test 80+ advanced blood biomarkers

Every year starts with a baseline blood test covering everything from
nutrients to hormones to inflammation.
Step 2

Visualize your health data

Access the world’s first health super app – track results and health data over your lifetime.
Step 3

Build your personalized action plan

A review by the Superpower clinical team and a Health Stack™ built just for you by doctors trained in longevity and a research team that brings the cutting edge of medicine.

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Access exclusive
tests & products

Our research team curates the best tests, products, and protocols from around the world, and provides them to you at the best price on the internet.

As the world demands more of us, we must demand more for ourselves.

Existing institutions aren’t working and don’t have our backs.

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